Metallurgical die casting
Profile extruder

Profile extruder is the main equipment to realize metal extrusion processing, which can process metal ingot into profiles in a moment. Whether it is decoration materials, or the backbone materials in the high-tech field, almost all are closely related to extrusion processing. Profile extruders require both strong power and precise control, so hydraulic technology plays a pivotal role in this. Hengli can provide hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic pump valve and other products for profile extruder, so that the equipment can ensure high availability and ensure the continuity of extrusion operation in harsh working conditions. In particular, the extrusion cylinder with special structure is specially designed, and the copper alloy with excellent wear resistance is used as the plunger guide, which can withstand a certain side load. The advantages of high quality and high performance ensure the safe and efficient operation of the machinery. At the same time, the Angle sensor is added to the V30G oil pump, which forms a closed loop under the cooperation of the controller, which can effectively reduce the hysteresis and improve the repeated control accuracy, so as to achieve the use of the precision operation of the extruder.

New energy
Wind power generation

Wind energy is a kind of clean and pollution-free renewable energy, which contains great power. Wind power is a very environmentally friendly and huge wind energy utilization technology, which can convert the kinetic energy of the wind into electric energy. At present, countries all over the world are actively exploring and applying it. Whether onshore or offshore, Hengli can customize efficient and reliable hydraulic transmission and control solutions to help customers reduce project costs and realize the expected business value of each wind power project. The variable pitch hydraulic cylinder of wind turbine developed by Hengli can be applied to the fan with the maximum single capacity of 8MW. The height of this type of fan reaches 125m, and it is often installed in some special zones, such as offshore ocean areas of more than 10km, so the reliability of the hydraulic cylinder is very high. After a number of reliability tests, Hengli has ensured the ultra-durable reliability of the hydraulic cylinder, and has a longer service life, helping every wind power project to operate more stably.

Micro dig/small dig/Medium dig

Load sensitive system with flow sharing for better handling and lower fuel consumption - Main pump: The continuous working pressure of HP5V piston pump is 320bar, which can realize the compound control of electric proportional power, load sensitivity and pressure cutting, which can not only ensure the safety of the entire hydraulic system, but also maximize the work efficiency of the excavator and achieve greater excavation capability. At the same time, a variety of control methods can be selected: electric proportional displacement, pressure, torque, etc. - Multi-way valve: according to the requirements of customers, the multi-way valve is integrated with bucket rod regeneration (except HVSE 09), anti-nodding, boom lock, walking synchronization and other functions, and with slide valve pressure compensator, while ensuring the operation comfort, higher efficiency and more energy saving; - Rotary: compact design with mechanical brakes and auxiliary valves; Two-way rotation, mounting flange can be directly connected with the gear ring of the reducer; Hydraulic oil lubrication to reduce maintenance costs.

Agricultural machinery

• Precise control of the reaction speed of the adjustment of the farm tools, optimize the control performance of the depth of the plow

• Improve the traction performance of the tractor, while reducing the vibration of the farm tools

• Smooth control of the fall speed, avoid damage to the farm tools

• Compact structure, centralized oil circuit, good sealing