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Specifications: 45/63/75/85/100/130/160* cc/rev
Rated pressure: 280/400 bar
Peak pressure: 350/450 bar
Swash plate structure design, suitable for open or closed circuit

Axial piston quantitative motor HM7X series



• Swash plate quantitative axial piston motor for open or closed hydraulic transmission circuit
• Excellent high-speed performance
• Plug-in design, compact installation space
• High power to weight ratio
• Bearing longevity is achieved through the swash plate structure
• The motor oil port is concentrated on one side for easy installation and oil circuit layout
• Integrated anti-reverse valve


• Excellent high-speed running performance and smooth starting performance: Smooth high-speed running and smooth starting are achieved through the optimized design of the rotating mechanism components
• Excellent low speed performance: Excellent control performance in the low speed field
• Compact shape: The structure is made more compact by using the swash plate structure
• Long life: bearing longevity is achieved through the swash plate structure